Orex Loisirs

Tourist Engineering Prize 2003
French Ministry of Tourism

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Our expertise

Design and development of tourist sites

To rethink existing sites or imagine future ones, we innovate; we create with pragmatism so the ideas and concepts can become a reality.


  • Diagnosis of the site and the environment
  • Diagnosis of the access routes, transport
  • Physical and geographical diagnosis
  • Project diagnosis: verifying the opportunity
  • Economic, technical and legal feasibility
  • Programming infrastructure
  • Urban renovation of tourist destinations
  • Renovating the leisure accommodation
  • Diagnosis of the existing offer
  • Diagnosis of the market
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Structuring the tourist products
  • Definition of concepts
  • Financing plan
  • Operating scheme
  • Developing an account of expected results

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Governance of tourist destinations

Constructing sustainable tourism organisations

Tourist resorts are systems; they consist of SMEs which create an overall set of production and specialized services, complex and disparate. For ten years the issue of tourist site governance has been omnipresent. To support this, we have focused our approach on improving the organisation of economic systems.


  • Analysis of financial and legal organisation
  • Analysis of reporting structures and proposals to optimise them
  • Establishing mediation tools
  • Developing training and social economy concepts
  • Putting means for system management into place
  • Organisation of overall management
  • Planning and implementing tools and methods of control

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Marketing and economic observation

The field of marketing is vast and specialised, but above all is a method of business management and is a progressive approach to optimising the quality of services and improving the position of a destination on the market. We propose two complementary approaches:

  • studies and surveys of clients and prescribers,
  • surveys carried out in liaison with socioprofessionals and institutional tourism players.



  • Data collection
  • Searching for indicators
  • Compiling databases
  • Client surveys, e-mail investigations, (administration via Sphinx online)


  • Analysis of marketing plans
  • Audit of tools and means
  • Audit of the organisation
  • Analysis of the objectives and consistency between the goals and the means


  • Mediation and dialogue about the objectives
  • Writing strategic plans
  • Planning and organisation of means
  • Implementation of monitoring and control tools

Economic observation is a practical application of marketing; a tool to help make decisions and a decisive element of management. Observation is not just collecting data and must be useful for the tourism strategy of a destination.

We have deployed measurement and investigation tools that assess the overall functioning of a territory. These are used right from the creation and sizing phases of projects to adapt and coordinate the investments to the market.
We can therefore anticipate changes in the tourism sector and support the development of industries or ensure the suitability of investments.


  • Collecting tourist economy data
  • Summarising existing studies and assessments
  • Updating available assessments and data
  • Combining indicators
  • Proposing innovative indicators
  • Detailed results per company
  • Measuring the performance of rental accommodation and its marketing rate
  • Tool to measure the commercial and economic performance of resorts: RICARDO
  • Measuring the reputation of a tourist destination

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Assisting the contracting authorities

We use these skills to support our customers in the long term in order to ensure the execution and achievement of their projects. We provide technical coordination to guarantee the successful completion of operations. Our missions include facilitating meetings, negotiating with investors and looking for operators.


Helping to drive projects

  • Coordinating all study disciplines
  • Writing consultation documents and technical manuals
  • Managing schedules, facilitating client relationships
  • Coordinating communicating the project to economic partners
  • Monitoring and controlling investment programs

Business plans and fundraising

  • Presenting to institutional and private funders through various means: forums, round tables, workshops...
  • Preparing the economic and financial elements of the project
  • Finding and meeting investors
  • Using our database and our network of partners to help guide your project

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OREX Loisirs has built a database (MEDIANE) which brings together 3 types of partners central to the development of a project:

  • Institutional and private investors
  • Leisure site and accommodation operators (condominiums or hotels)
  • Builders, promoters and directors directly or indirectly involved in the operation or financing of operations

This database is a resource for all project managers who want to make their project visible and well known.

OREX Loisirs offers support at various levels:

  • By hosting projects and promoting them to the most relevant targets after establishing correlating criteria
  • By helping clients to market and promote projects
  • By organising mediation with interested stakeholders
  • By advising clients through decision making, with the risks of all kinds (property risks, operation risks, performance guarantees, insurances,…)
  • By assisting execution in the medium term with negotiations and the first stages of implementation

Unique in the tourism sector, providing public clients with this new economic and financial tool accelerates project development.

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