Orex Loisirs

Tourist Engineering Prize 2003
French Ministry of Tourism

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Orex Loisirs is located in the Alps, at the heart of the largest international mountain tourist space.
Since 1995, we schedule and coordinate the development and management of public and private tourism projects in France and around the world.
We are experts in the tourism economy, management and marketing sectors.

At all stages of development, we favour a close relationship with our clients to ensure effective project dynamics.




Founder of Orex-Loisirs

Philippe Lebrasseur has coordinated a vast number of tourist site development and restructuration projects, developing innovative management and service reorganization solutions. His expertise is recognized by national institutions

  • Institut des Hautes Études de Développement et d'Aménagement des Territoires Européens (Sc-po and École des Mines – Paris)
  • ENA (Seminar on the Management of State)
  • Centre d'Études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (Paris)
  • Institut des Formations Montagne et Tourisme (Grenoble)
  • Science Politique (Sorbonne)



Executive Assistant

Katell Thébault was responsible for market research at Honeywell and technical sales for Robotic system. Her proficiency as an executive assistant allows for quick and efficient treatment of all administrative procedures.

  • Certificate “Commericalisation of industrial goods and services” - 1998
  • HND Technical Support Engineer – 1996

Associated Consultants:

To specifically answer technical questions about tourism development we have put together a network of experts specialised in all strategic areas from development to operation. This network brings together people who have exercised their function in the institutional or private sector at the general management level and at levels of strategic decisions. Their experience strengthens that of Orex Loisirs.